Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional Intelligence is fast becoming the buzzword in professional and office environments. Experts are finding that effective leadership includes the ability to understand social interactions, and to navigate the sometimes complex issues that arise within any workplace. Being able to read another person’s emotional “signals,” and regulating your own emotional response, is key to succeeding in both professional and personal circumstances.

Whether you are in a leadership position, in a work environment with limited contact with others, or working closely with a team, emotional intelligence can help you feel more committed to your work, and can add to your level of job satisfaction. Emotional Intelligence can help you:

ü  Understand and express your own emotions.

ü  Perceive and understand the emotions of others around you.

ü  Regulate your own emotions.

ü  Use your emotions to maximize your performance.

By learning and developing your Emotional Intelligence skills, you can begin to successfully solve problems, understand yourself and others, and transform the way you look at your professional and personal relationships.


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