Improving Personal Communication - An Introduction to Social Styles 

Courses Part 1 and 2

Do you want to improve your relationships? Have you ever had a clash with someone and not known how to handle the situation?  Do you find that some people rub you the wrong way  when they approach you?  If you’ve ever answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you!  Social styles will unlock the secret to preferred behaviors and get you on track to interact with anyone in a positive way.

Social Styles is a Behavioral Style model that has been used to improve leadership and teamwork in organizations.  Each person has a dominant style preference that dictates their behaviors.  Your social style determines whether you are more comfortable working in a group or alone or whether you prefer to start a conversation with a friendly greeting and small talk or prefer to just get down to business as soon as possible. 

Learning your own social style and the styles of others around you allows you to identify their preferences and modify your behavior to make interactions go more smoothly.  Each style has negative and positive characteristics and no style is right or wrong, good or bad.  The key is to learn to work with people of different styles by knowing how they prefer to behave.  It’s common that those with different or even the same social style will find themselves at odds with each other through miscommunication and mixed messages, but with a knowledge of social styles, you’ll instantly understand how the other person is behaving and know how to better the chances that your work together will be successful. 

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